Ambienthotel Primaluna in Malcesine Lake Garda
Tsunami Project Tsunami Project


Tsunami Project


Tsunami Project

Urban lake

Imagine a hotel that needs renovating, nestled between a rocky cliff and the beach. An exceptional position that couldn’t help but stimulate Antonio's creativity. We needed a renovation idea that could give new life to this corner of the lake; an unconventional idea. This is how the collaboration with Mauro was born, an architect-artist able to interpret this vision by turning it into reality. A project that calls into question the very idea of interior design, where lines take unexpected directions and materials are combined in an unusual way, with singular shapes. Worked concrete, wood and pipes, corten iron and glass are just some of the elements that characterize the interiors. At Ambienthotel Primaluna, nothing is as expected.

The urban side of your holiday on the lake: the Ambienthotel where everything is in constant flux

You’ll understand that Ambienthotel is far from a traditional holiday destination even before you get in. You don't enter from the bottom level, quite the opposite actually: you walk down a staircase to reach reception. When you think you grasped the idea of the space, you just need to look around yourself to understand that you were wrong. Nothing is set. Beyond the large windows overlooking the lake, the rooms blend into one another - like the gym with the lounge, which then turns into the games area. Hanging wires, wooden rods and leaning iron columns. Randomness is sought after, in a game of bold combinations of shapes and colours that questions everything. Each space bears the signs of a past that has not been completely erased. Raw signs that, like indelible scars, are left visible to keep track of the subtraction work that started from the pre-existing structure, and reinterpreted not just materially, but also - and above all - conceptually. Forget serial rooms on different levels. Here each room is different, each with its own story to discover, with colours and shapes that support your way of interpreting your holidays.

Antonio & Mauro: an unconventional duo

When an idea is extravagant and outside the box, it is not possible to turn it into reality in a conventional way, you need someone able to understand the concept and work by disrupting any pre-established idea about renovation. This is how the collaboration between Antonio Stefenelli and Mauro Rossaro was born - the former is the owner of the hotel and an architecture enthusiast, the latter is an architect and craftsman capable of working with any material. From their intense exchange of ideas, with a succession of feasible and unfeasible solutions, and the support of many local artisans, the concept of a kaleidoscopic Ambienthotel was born. A variety of shaped, bent, rusted and cut materials. A past that still speaks for itself today, with architectural interventions that reinvent the spaces and create a style never seen before, with the idea that nothing is set and everything is ever-changing.

Tsunami Project

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