Ambienthotel Primaluna in Malcesine Lake Garda
Flying over the water on a kitesurf Flying over the water on a kitesurf


Flying over the water on a kitesurf


Flying over the water on a kitesurf

Urban lake

Be Active, be happy

Did you know that by choosing Malcesine for your active holidays, you will find ideal conditions for kitesurfing, windsurfing and sailing?
Here in North Lake Garda you are at the centre of what is called the “wind machine”: in the north, the lake narrows to create an effect that favours the alternation of winds ideal for sailing.

The winds of Lake Garda

The Pelèr wind blows from the north and ripples the waves until noon. However, it is the afternoon wind, the Ora, that sports enthusiasts look forward to: it blows until sunset from the south, reaching its maximum intensity in this part of the lake. These characteristics make our area one of the most coveted in the world of sailing sports, and the reason why world championships and international competitions have been frequently held. So what are you waiting for? Add some excitement to your holidays, it's the right time to learn or improve your performance!

Experience your holiday on the lake - in Malcesine

The thrill of flying over the water carried by the force of the winds: this is kitesurfing. And Malcesine is the right place to practice it. Its northerly position, in a part of the lake where the right winds blow every day, has made it a kitesurfing hotspot, with an ever-increasing number of schools and shops that promote water sports and spread their culture. Enthusiasts from all over the world know that this is a very well equipped area, where surfers and sailors can indulge in their favourite activity in a very special natural setting. If you haven't already done so, now is the time to get into kitesurfing! Here you will find experts and enthusiasts: it's the right environment to receive lots of advice and try this fun activity. Who knows, it may become your passion too!

The thrill of kiting with Simone

Ambienthotel is waiting for you for a holiday that revolves all around kitesurfing! Head down to the beach and ask for Simone: you will find him ready with equipment and courses designed especially for your level. If you want to experience this thrilling activity for the first time, you can do so in comfort, just a few steps from your room. If you already have experience and want to test your skills, leave all the bulky equipment at home - you can rent everything from Simone! If you’d rather have your own, you can leave it in our secure, supervised deposit. The kitesurfing spirit lives here! We’ll be waiting for you at Ambienthotel.

Flying over the water on a kitesurf

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