Ambienthotel Primaluna in Malcesine Lake Garda
5 curiosities about Malcesine that not everyone knows 5 curiosities about Malcesine that not everyone knows


5 curiosities about Malcesine that not everyone knows


5 curiosities about Malcesine that not everyone knows

Urban lake

Many curiosities; original and unique! Be Different!

Just as Ambienthotel invites you to discover the unique side of your holidays, our tips are anything but ordinary! There are many activities waiting for you around here, but if you want to get away from the usual activities and experience nature, culture and sport from a different perspective, then take a look at our suggestions and choose your own way to discover the lake and Malcesine.

Augmented reality for an immersive castle experience

Put your multimedia glasses on and start an unforgettable journey back in time: discover the history of the Scaliger castle! Listen to the words of those who fell in love with Italy in the past: follow Johann Wolfgang von Goethe along a 14-stage journey that begins in the Middle Ages and transports you up to the present day. There are many secrets to be revealed: come and discover them within the walls of the fortress, a national monument!

Jazz on the sailboat

Follow the notes of jazz coming from the lake! Imagine an early 20th century vessel that seems to have been launched just yesterday. Think of it moored in the port with its sails folded, on a pleasant summer evening, where you can admire all its beauty. Then, musicians with their instruments climb its placidly swaying bridge and suddenly, a succession of jazz notes fills the air. La Siora Veronica becomes the exclusive stage for your jazz evening, a show you won't forget!

Alpacas and lake view: the mountain hike you didn’t expect

Have you ever seen an alpaca up close? Take advantage of your time at Ambienthotel to give a unique twist to your holiday. An idea that combines love for animals with the pleasure of hiking: a high-altitude walk for everyone, where alpacas are not just to be admired, but to be looked after. Grab the lead and take your alpaca along the paths on the slopes of Monte Baldo!

Tandem flying in Malcesine

No more putting it off: finally it’s time to make that dream come true and jump - truly! - on a surprising adventure from Monte Baldo. In Malcesine, you can fly! Discover the thrill of a tandem flight with a paraglider, cradled by the wind and surrounded by the unique landscape of the lake nestled between the mountains.

Aril… blink and you’ll miss it!

The shortest river in the world is one of the tributaries of the largest lake in Italy! It happens right here, in Cassone, where a stream at the foot of Monte Baldo gives rise to a river populated by trout that extends for only 175 meters! Come and discover "Ri", the Aril river, which makes a picturesque corner of the historic center even more unique.

5 curiosities about Malcesine that not everyone knows

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